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Is the hair transplant procedure painful?

Most people describe very little discomfort during the procedure. We use a combination of Valium and a local anesthetic to freeze the skin called Xylocaine (much like a dentist uses). The initial discomfort from the introduction of the Xylocaine is all you should feel.

How long is the hair transplant procedure?

It depends on the number of follicles we are placing. It can last anywhere from 3-6 hours.

Where is the hair transplant procedure done?

The hair transplant procedure is done in a newly renovated and state of the art operative facility at Dr. Aronovitz’s office.

Can I drive the morning of the procedure?

You can only drive if you forgo taking the Valium, which some people do. However, we recommend having a driver as the Valium will make you more comfortable.

What will I look like after the hair transplant procedure?

Everywhere we place new hair you will have a short hair sticking up and possibly some scabbing of the area. This will last about 7-10 days. If you have hair to cover it you will be able to conceal it. Also, you are allowed to wear a hat, if your day or job permits it, and this will cover it.

What am I doing during the hair trasnplant procedure?

As the patient you will be in a comfortable operative bed in a reclined position for the majority of the procedure. You will have access to TV, movies and music as you desire. You can get up to take restroom, or stretch breaks whenever you feel you need it, and there are plenty of drinks, snacks and sometimes lunch at your disposal. Some people chose to bring their own ipads or ipods with earphones to use as well.

When do I have to follow up?

The first follow up visit is 1 week after the procedure to remove sutures from the back of the head in the donor area. After that it takes between 4-6 months for the new hair to begin to grow and at 6 months will be the 2nd follow up, followed by 1 year.

What about post operative care after a hair transplant procedure?

There is nothing special that needs to be done or applied to the scalp. Shampooing of the head will begin daily 3 days after the procedure. A hat should be worn outdoors at all times to prevent sun exposure, until the new hair has begun to grow in.

What will the hair look like when it grows in?

The hair we take from the donor area is YOUR hair so it will grow the same as it had, just in a new location. The hair will grow at about half an inch per month, and usually by 1 year has all come in. since this is your real hair, you can cut it, dye it, or perm it as your actual hair before.

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