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A Note from a Dr. Aronovitz Patient

As I was nearing 35 years old, I started to notice the front of my hair thinning, but one day, I decided to do something about it. I’ve always cut my hair on a number 6 clipper and short on the sides, and although my hair was receding slightly, it wasn’t enough to...

The Top Five Benefits of a Hair Transplant

The Top Five Benefits of a Hair Transplant *Results may vary from person to person For this month’s blog we sat down with Dr. Aronovitz to discuss what he thinks are the top five benefits of hair transplants. 1. To increase confidence and self esteem. Hair loss isn’t...

Meet Dr. James Aronovitz-Mixing Art with Science

Meet Dr. James Aronovitz-Mixing Art with Science “What inspires me is the end result and seeing how a hair transplant changes the way people feel about themselves, it is very rewarding.”  Dr. James Aronovitz has been performing hair transplants for thirteen of the...

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